2019 SYMPOSIUM DATES: MAR 17 - Mar 22

Applications Due: January 15th (Rolling Basis, send Application as soon as possible)

SEND COMPLETED APPLICATIONS TO:  straittalk.berkeley@gmail.com

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Applicants must be students and/or young professionals aged 18-35 with knowledge of Cross Taiwan-Strait Relations.  Applicants may apply as representatives of of Mainland China, Taiwan, or the United States. 

An important aspect of Strait Talk is that the delegations contribute different perspectives to the dialogue, so we ask that you apply to the delegation with which you identify the most. If you are an international student from China or Taiwan studying in a university in the US, we encourage you to apply to the delegations from your respective homes instead.

Application Process

Applications and financial aid are considered on a rolling basis.  Delegation seats are competitive for the four seats of each of the three regions.  A total of 12 delegates will be selected to attend. 

  1. Online Application: You will need to submit the application for the region you are applying to represent. This includes the application document itself and any other supporting documents requested in the application. Submit forms to: straittalk.berkeley@gmail.com

  2. Interview: Our recruitment team may contact you for a Skype interview once your application has been received. The interview is an opportunity for you to ask questions about Strait Talk and demonstrate your knowledge of Cross Taiwan-Strait Relations. Interviews will be conducted by of Strait Talk's Steering Committee.

Delegate Funding

Thanks to our sponsors, Strait Talk is able to offer funding to our delegates. We will do our best to fund each delegate based on financial need. For delegates seeking funding, please complete the financial aid form in the application.